Do you feel stuck?

Don’t worry…you are not alone! That’s exactly how I felt before I started my journey to Life Coaching Myself. I was stuck, consumed by my self-doubt and insecurities that prevented me from making my life better. I began to realize that my outer game (exterior) and my inner game (chatter in my head) needed to be in harmony for me to live a joyous life filled with self-love and confidence.

Are you yearning for more personally and professionally?

Using all the tools and resources available to empower myself and go after what I truly want has given me the confidence to take the world head on and follow my heart’s desires. We all have great ideas, we all have the potential in us to change the world but too often that not, we ignore what we really want and choose what is easy, routine and expected.

What would happen if you decided to live a joyous life, follow your heart’s desires and operate from a place of openness to everything the world has to offer? What would happen if you said yes to you?

Do you know that you are not living a life that feeds your soul?

Life Coaching Myself is a place where you can gain support and insight on changing your life with confidence. With the help of me and other like-minded women who are on the same journey, you can experience a judgment-free zone that encourages self-discovery and accountability through sharing, support, and encouragement.

Taking bold steps to shake things up, to get out of the monotony of a routine daily existence and to pursue dreams and passions that make you feel whole regardless of what others think is harder than it seems!

Are you secretly afraid to disrupt your routine and do what is required to change your life?

With Life Coaching Myself you can share your journey with others and get the encouragement and information you need to change your life. Throughout my journey, I have learned and gained the tools needed to improve my life and share what I’ve learned with others.

Be bold! Don’t be afraid of change–embrace it.